Saturday, November 28, 2009

More insight about the blessing

Wow, I just heard a really encouraging Word from Creflo Dollar. It was from Thanksgiving Day and was about living a healthy life... Creflo mentioned something at the beginning of the broadcast that really ministered to me. To the best of my memory, he said that it is a greater testimony to live a healthy life, rather than receive some great miracle from God. I agree with that. Wisdom will instruct you how to live a healthy life, rather than live a life eating things that are bad for you and then believing God for a miracle to keep you alive. Now don't get me wrong, I totally agree with believing in God for things. But to me walking out the blessing requires saying no to the desires of the flesh and living a Godly life that is a witness to others! Don't live a life like your on a roller coaster, enjoying all the good of this world, and then when sickness comes knocking, you take the plunge...
This applies the same with finances, don't just live however you want and then when the well runs dry, you decide that you are gonna start serving God and expect for some miraculous thing to happen. I'm not saying that God can't intervene, miracles do still happen. But many people give up serving God before they ever see a miracle come to pass.
God is good, and he wants us to live abundant lives here on this earth, but the choice is up to us! We have desires and emotions and we have to learn to control these desires and hear God's voice and make decisions that honor him.
The blessing is not living a defeated life, and then a miracle happening here and there that allows you to survive. The blessing is based on decisions that you make, you make these decisions based on the wisdom that comes from knowing God. You know someone by communicating with them and spending time with them. You develop a relationship with God by spending time in his Word and spending time in prayer.
Don't begin a relationship with God so you can get stuff. Develop a relationship with God because he loved you so much that he sent his only son to die for you, and in return you want to learn to love him.
One more thing, once you begin this journey, or if your already in it, don't fall into the trap of self righteousness. Your very best apart from the finished work of Jesus falls very short of God's standard. Your faith must be placed in the finished work of Jesus. The works that you do must be mixed with belief in God. You are made righteous by the work that Jesus did. He did it for you. So in return, I encourage you to begin that relationship with him today. As you walk with him he will guide your steps with his Word.

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