Friday, November 6, 2009

Cheer up!!!

Good morning, I have something very exciting that I want to share with you this morning! I just know that it is going to make a positive impact on your life... Are you ready??? Here goes! If you are in a bad mood or upset, it's nobodies fault but your own... ... ... ...
Now, there are two ways you can look at this, one way is to think that I'm crazy and have lost it, and if your already thinking that, then I hope you will hear me out, because there is another way of looking at this that can really change your life forever!
In Acts 26:2 Paul tells King Agrippa of the Roman empire that he "thinks himself happy". Now you have to understand where Paul is coming from to understand how meaningful that statement is! Paul had been locked up in a cold dark prison for quite sometime. He had also been beaten, laughed at, and mocked. If most of us would have gone through all of this we would probably crawl up in a ball with our thumb in our mouths. But Paul found a way to be happy in his situation, and that was by controlling what he thought!
You can do this very same thing, you can hold fast to the promises of God and focus on what God has said about you in the Bible instead of focusing on your current trial. Paul had received a promise from God in the previous chapters, God told Paul that he would stand before the King of Rome. Paul had a promise to hold onto! So do you!
And if you think that your situation is sooo bad, just think of this.... What's the worst that could happen? You die and get to spend forever and ever in the presence of God almighty! That's something to get excited about! I'm beginning to understand the conflict that Paul had between wanting to go and be with Jesus, or to stay here on the earth and help the saints of God!
I love you, God loves you, and Jesus is Lord!


  1. What a wonderful description of what it means to "Live by Faith". Phillipians 3:14 pops in my head when I battle my thoughts. The Apostle Paul warns us to "press". Thank you for your obedience in sharing the Word.

  2. Gooooooood Stuff Brotha!!!
    Such truth there! I have thorougly enjoyed reading and learning about Paul here lately. In January, our woman's ministry is doing a study on Paul and I can't WAIT! Right now I'm in the middle of a study on David and it's awesome too...
    We have some wonderful examples to learn from in the Bible!
    Hey, I wanted to tell you that one of my best friends started a blog sorta like this. The post she did today is just AWESOME. You should go check it out!
    It's at