Saturday, January 9, 2010

Are you a blessing

Well there's been something on my heart this past week that I would like to share. According to Galatians 3:9 I am blessed. This verse says that "they that be of faith are blessed with faithful Abraham." If you look back in the Old testament (Genesis) you can see that Abraham had a lots and lots of stuff... So is that what it means to be blessed? Well, kinda...
To be blessed simply means to be empowered to prosper. Now be careful, because if you look at "your stuff" you may be tempted to consider whether you are truly blessed or not, but the bible says that they which be of faith are blessed! Prosperity goes so much further than money, or stuff, or better yet physical things; in fact, if I gave you a $100 bill, it would be up to you if that money truly empowered you to prosper... It may just empower you to eat at McDonald's for a week!
Now if you notice my title, "Are you a blessing?" I want to touch on whether or not you are a blessing, not are you blessed. If you are of faith, you are blessed! So what would it mean to be a blessing to someone else? It would mean that you empower others to prosper... As I thought about that, I can only think of one thing that I have that would truly empower someone else to prosper, and that is the truths that are found in God's Word. I consider myself to be empowering you to prosper as I write and then you read this blog! Amen! True prosperity comes from within, so the only thing that is going to change us from the inside out is God's Word.
Now I'm not saying that you shouldn't help others with physical needs. But Peter told the man at the gate beautiful, silver and gold have I none, but such as I have give I unto thee... Peter realized that he was empowered to prosper and also realized that he was to share what he had! Don't you think the man that could not walk but now is walking felt empowered to prosper??? There is nothing more important than God's Word, as I drove to Church last night I considered the Wednesday night crowd and how it is usually lacking and thought, if those people only knew what they were missing out on, they would walk if they had to! THERE IS NOTHING MORE IMPORTANT THAN GOD'S WORD! NOTHING!!! People in Africa will walk for days just to sit and listen to the Word being preached, because they realize that putting the Word in your heart produces the greatness of God in your life.
Last thing I want to touch on concerning the Blessing. I've heard it said, to bless God... Can you really empower God to prosper??? To answer that we need to look at Psalms 78:41, here it says that the children of Israel ..."limited" the Holy One... The way they did this was by forgetting the supernatural things that God had done for them in bringing them out of Egypt. By forgetting that God could do the supernatural, they limited him from doing more extraordinary things in their lives...

To empower God to prosper to me means that you allow yourself to be used by God. That is how the Kingdom of God expands, by people allowing themselves to be used of God. To be used by God, you must put his Word in your heart, not just Sunday and Wednesday, although they are important, but you must seek God daily, earnestly, his kingdom must be placed before everything else in your life! Everything!!! This to me is how you become a blessing, not only to God, but to all those around you!

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